Meet Ragnhild Dragøy as one of the Invited speakers at WEFTA 2022.

Ragnhild Dragøy holds a PhD in Chemistry from Tufts University and a MBA in sustainable innovation from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). In Aker BioMarine she works with sustainable development of products of animal health and nutrition coupling bioactivity with sustainability and commercial value. Ragnhild has previously worked as a research director within Marine Biotechnology in Nofima and has also worked in academia and in a start-up. She has been a mentor in acceleration programs and has held several board positions.

Managing the changes in products and markets expectation – how do we make sustainability sustainable

We are seeing a changing world with increasing regulatory requirements and market pull towards sustainability and making the “green shift”. Expectations around demonstrated functional effects are also changing, and due to the events of the last three years, there are many uncertainties around supply and reproducibility due to availability of products. The roadmap towards how to meet market and regulatory demands, and how to position products in a volatile market is moving quickly. In the quite near future we all have to think about food production in a different way, and we have ensure that the green shift also yields a food industry that is both green and profitable in the future.

In this talk the goal is to discuss how Aker BioMarine works with innovation, and how sustainability is integrated in the entire value chain in order to be in the forefront of a fast- moving and transitioning business environment. Aker BioMarine works with many strategic partners in order to couple innovation, with efficiency, cost, market attractiveness, regulatory frameworks and sustainability. The goal is to create models of how to survive the green shift that can be applied to other businesses and thus accelerate the food industry towards where we need to be in the future.