The WEFTA program 2022 from minute to minute (oral presentations and posters) - update 7th october 2022

The organizing WEFTA committee 2022 has agreed today 18th July on the final scientific program for the meeting in October. A total number of 93 oral presentations of 20 or 5 minutes are arranged along the six themes of the Conference. Another 46 posters will be presented too.

All authors of the abstracts have been informed about the outcome of the scientific evaluation of the submitted abstracts. All abstracts were accepted but due to the large number of oral presentations we had to shift some to 5 minutes presentations. The authors were informed about this.

In the final program as published here we have made some changes due to remarks from authors. We hope that  all information is according the information received. Possible corrections willl be announced at Conference. 

Please check the program for your oral presentation, the session and the time-slot. At the end there is an overview of the posters. Click here to download the program with the scheduled presentations and posters.

Guidelines for the 20 or 5 minutes presentation and poster

In case of a 20 minutes presentation (including 5 minutes discusssion) you are kindly requested to present not more than 15 Power Point slides.

In case of a 5 minutes presentation (including 1 minute discusssion) you are kindly requested to present not more than 5 Power Point slides.

Test your Power Point presentation upon readability when presented in a large conference room. Dont use too much text on a slide and avoid complex tables or figures.


You are kindly requested to hang your posters as soon as possible when you have arrive at the Conference. The dimensions are:

Updated 7th october 2022